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Postgraduate Certificate in Narrative Research

Algunas universidades ofrecen ya programas interdisciplinares de estudios narrativos. Por ejemplo esta información que me llega a través de la lista de distribución del Centre for Narrative Research de la University of East London—sobre un curso de su programa de postgrado sobre investigaciones narrativas.

Narrative Force:
A groundbreaking module, unique in the world, examining Foucauldian and
Deleuzian approaches to narrative. By Distance Learning only. Spring 2011.
Module leader: Maria Tamboukou
Available for 2011 (February-May semester)
Narrative research is growing in popularity within academic social science,
cultural studies and applied social policy areas and is increasingly
significant in fields such as health studies, computer studies (particularly
in the development and theorization of narrative-based games), and
biographically-based art work.

Narrative Force focuses on elements of narrative research relating to
Foucauldian and Deleuzian analysis and covers topics such as

*    Foucault: narrative modalities of power
*    Deleuze and Guattari: narratives as force
*    Narrative desire
*    Time and narrative
*    Spatial narratives

*    Narratives and the political

*    Narrative research as embodied knowledge

The module will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills
in relation to your research interests and will feature online seminars and
tutorials where you will work closely with your colleagues and tutors.

This is the second module of the Postgraduate Certificate in Narrative

All course activities happen online and are facilitated within UEL Plus, the
UEL Virtual Learning Environment.


Alternatively, contact the Distance Learning Advice Team on:
distance.learning@uel.ac.uk   / tel: +44
(0)20 8223 2564

Contact Maria Tamboukou, module tutor, for academic details:

The Narrative Research postgraduate programmes at CNR are uniquely
interdisciplinary. They draw on social sciences, humanities and arts
disciplines to provide advanced and comprehensive education and training in
narrative theories and methods. The programmes give students experience in
applying narrative concepts and analysis to diverse fields. They guide
students through the planning and performance of their own narrative
research. Masters and Diploma programmes also develop more general skills of
review, criticism and research, in the context of narrative work.

The programmes are taught by prominent scholars based at the Centre for
Narrative Research, an international leader in the field of narrative
research in the social sciences, arts and humanities. CNR also runs many
seminars, conferences and masterclasses, and hosts eminent international
visitors. Students are encouraged to participate in this wider research
community. Students from the programmes have gone on to MPhils, PhDs and
lectureships, careers in social work, teaching and psychology, and to work
with international NGOs, advertising agencies, management teams, and arts
organisations. Students have used their work in the programmes to write
reports, papers for publication in international peer-reviewed journals, and
a number of books.

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