martes, 13 de julio de 2010

PsyArt Discussions

Inauguro las discusiones de la lista PsyArt en Facebook—a la que me acabo de apuntar.
Topic: PsyArt Discussions

José Angel García Landa I'm going to start a topic for discussion. There's a PsyArt list. How do you think discussions on this page, if they do develop, will differ from those on the list? Because of the medium or format, I mean. Perhaps we've got to see how things get done to gauge the powers of this new medium. Is it a blog, is it worse, better? I'm a bit skeptic about the archiving capabilities of Facebook, i.e. the access to previous posts, as comparted to blogs, but maybe that's not important.

and on the Wall:

José Angel García Landa
I just "started a discussion" (see above, right hand tab) but I see these don't show up automatically on the wall. Getting familiar with the medium.

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