viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011


Me invitan a formar parte del comité científico de una revista sobre las humanidades y las nuevas tecnologías, Ctrl-Z, editada en una universidad de la lejana Perth, en Australia. Así que acepto con esperanzas de aprender algo:

Dear Niall,

I accept with thanks! I'm more than a bit under the shock of the new myself, as regards the impact of the new media on academic work, on my work I mean, so it's not clear to myself what kind of work is most worth doing right now... but this sounds like an opportunity to keep up with new things that I can't afford to disregard. That is, the way things are it's not certain I will be able to contribute anything valuable to the journal, but I'll do my best—and it sure will be valuable to me. So I'm grateful for the invitation—although I'm a more of a "command-Z" person myself!

Jose Angel

Aquí está la presentación de la revista:

New | Media | Philosophy
Ctrl-Z is a peer-reviewed international online journal and exhibition space from the Centre for Culture & Technology at Curtin University.
The journal flickers at the intersection of multiple possible relations between ‘new’, ‘media’ and ‘philosophy’, disrupting any notion of these being understood as a simple series of modifying terms. To what extent, for example, do ‘new media’ represent a new concept and mode of art, or provide for radically different forms of social and political practice? What kinds of histories, social formations and aesthetic transformations may be called for or identified by ‘new media’ understood in the broadest possible sense of the term? What does philosophy have to say about new media, given that it has never had much to say about ‘old’ media? What are the implications of media—new or old—for the objects or fields of enquiry (existence, knowledge, ethics and so on) that have traditionally been the domain of philosophy? What might a philosophy of (new) media look like? What forms and concepts might it invent?
Alternatively, have art and philosophy been made redundant by new media? Or can electronic and networked communications technologies function as new media of philosophical investigation and creative practice? Is a new philosophy (a ‘new ontology’, for
instance) or a philosophy of ‘the new’ possible today and, if so, to what extent must such philosophy allow for questions of (the) media? To what extent, too, do new media necessitate a rethinking of traditional concepts of communication and representation? If these concepts may be seen to underpin traditional ideas of community and the public (to which, historically, journalism has addressed itself), then what might new media have to say to and about contemporary political, professional and philosophical frameworks for traditional media practice? These and similar matters—questions concerning culture and technology, as it were—are the focus of Ctrl-Z, which welcomes creative and critical submissions in experimental, traditional and multimedia formats.

Robert Briggs
Niall Lucy


PS: En septiembre, se inaugura la página de de Ctrl-Z: aquí está el Consejo de Redacción, en el que me han incluido, con bonitos nombres como Mark Amerika de la Universidad de Colorado, o Steven Connor, de Londres. Y aquí la petición de contribuciones para el número inaugural.

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