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El cuerpo femenino en la ciencia ficción postmoderna

Me citan en este artículo sobre "el cuerpo femenino en la ciencia ficción postmoderna":

Liang, Ying. "Female Body in the Postmodern Science Fiction." Theory and Practice in Language Studies 5.10 (2015): 2037-45. ProQuest. 10 May 2017 


The female body is still the focus of different and multifarious schools of feminist criticism. How does this relate to the post modern sci fi? Through examining the interactions between female bodies and technologies in close readings of William Gibson's Neuromancer and Greg Bear's Queen of Angels, we see an interesting paradox in action. On one hand naturally female body is culturally constructed according to dominant codes of femininity and racial identity, there is no way to consider the body without cultural influences coming through, but on the other, we see that the roles of women aren' t the traditional, socially conditioned, and arbitrary sex roles. And often times we see an active rewriting the texts of the female body and an inversion of sexual roles. Historically the female body was constructed as a hybrid case, thus making it compatible with current notions of cyborg identity. Even today, the ambiguous constitution of female body is strongly related to cyborg identity. To contribute to the feminist studies of science and technology, this paper offers an alternative narrative of sci fi identity and argues that the female body is always gendered and is subordinated within systems of power, yet it is not fully determined by those systems and instead, always interacting with and resisting against these systems.


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