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¡Directo desde Rusia! SEMIOSPHERE OF NARRATOLOGY. ¡¡¡Gracias, Ludmila!!!

semiosphere of narratology


Semiosphere of Narratology: A Dialogue of Languages and Cultures.

Ed. Ludmila Tataru & José Angel García Landa.

Balashov: Nikolayev, 2013.

(I. Semiosphere of Narratology: In Search for a Method. II. Narrative as a Meta-genre of Modern Culture. III. Philosophic and Semiotic Dimensions of the 20th-21st Centuries' Literary Narratives).

The volume features articles of Russian and Western scholars, representing their experience of theorizing on narrative. The diversity of the topics—from arguments and methods of postclassical narratology, the play aspects of culture, narrative strategies, semiotic aspects of literary narratives, the narrativity of mass media and photoblogs to the use of narratives in sociology and pedagogy—would give a summarized picture of the present-day narratology as a meta-discipline operating a variety of languages (codes). The ideological bases, as well as the structural principle of the volume, are based on Yuri M. Lotman's concept of the semiosphere. The volume is addressed to those engaged in literary theory, cultural studies, sociology and narratology in general.

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