martes, 30 de octubre de 2012


Educación de príncipes al modo renacentista, muy a cuento ahora que a uno se le ha subido el poder a la cabeza. Una escena de Sir Thomas More (c. 1601), de Shakespeare et al. Entra en escena Mas:

A table being covered with a green carpet, a state cushion on it, and the Purse and Mace lying thereon, enter More:

It is in heaven that I am thus and thus;
And that which we profanely term our fortunes
Is the provision of the power above,
Fitted and shaped just to that strength of nature
Which we are borne withal. Good god, good God,
That I from such an humble bench of birth
Should step as twere up to my country's head,
Ad give the law out there! I, in my father's life,
To take prerogative and tithe of knees
From elder kinsmen, and him bind by my place
To give the smooth and dexter way to me
That owe it him by nature! Sure, these things,
Not physicked by respect, might turn our blood
To much corruption: but, More, the more thou hast,
Either of honor, office, wealth, and calling,
Which might excite thee to embrace and hub them,
The more doe thou in serpents' natures think them;
Fear their gay skins with thought of their sharp state;
And let this be thy maxim, to be great
Is when the thread of hayday is once 'spon,
A bottom great would up great undone.—
Come on, sir: are you ready?


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